Microsoft Introduces Audience Features In Advertising Editor & More

This makes it easier for advertisers to upload first-party data for targeted campaigns.

In Summary

Additionally, Microsoft is expanding support for advertising customers into new territories and rolling out updates concerning advertiser identity verification.

Overview Of New Features

Audiences Now Available in Editor for All Markets

Advertisers can now serve assets that are automatically generated alongside the ones they have provided. This feature has reportedly led to a 9.4% increase in click share and an 8.3% increase in click-through rate for advertisers who enable auto-generated assets.

On the audience targeting front, Microsoft announced new integrations with Hightouch and Zapier for Customer Match.

In another development, Advertisers can now create multimedia ads by copying existing RSAs.

Logo Extensions Rolled Out

This format, which can be used alongside other ad extensions, can be associated at the account, campaign, or ad group level.

New Integrations For Customer Data Platform



The roll-out of audience targeting in Editor provides more flexibility in managing ads, while auto-generated assets for RSAs and logo extensions offer more options to optimize and enhance their ads.

Chief among these is the roll-out of audience features in Microsoft Advertising Editor across all markets.

This allows advertisers to make bulk changes to audience associations for remarketing, in-market audiences, dynamic remarketing, similar audiences, customer match, custom audiences, and custom combination lists.

One of the most significant updates is that audience targeting is now available in Microsoft Advertising Editor globally.

Microsoft has fully released auto-generated assets for responsive search ads (RSA) in Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft also announced expanded availability of in-market audiences across EMEA, APAC, and LATAM markets.

Updates to Responsive Search Ads

Previously, creating and managing audiences had to be done through the Microsoft Advertising online interface.

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Microsoft has released Logo extensions, a new ad format allowing advertisers to add their logo to text ads for increased brand visibility.

Several key updates have been announced in the latest Microsoft Advertising product roundup.

Advertisers should monitor performance and utilize A/B testing to identify the best approaches when implementing these new features.